Professional Song Editing Services

We provide editing services for songs used in a wide variety of performances …

 •  Dance Recitals
 •  Competitions
 •  Talent Shows
 •  Videos
 •  Film/Television
 •  Personal Events

… anywhere customized music is needed. We can take out a verse, repeat a chorus, make a 5-minute song work in 3 minutes, change tempos, create medleys/mashups, remove profanity, change keys, and much more. However the song needs to be modified to fit the performance, we can make it happen.

We’ve all heard it – a poor edit in a song that sounds unprofessional and distracts the audience. We have over 20 years of experience skillfully editing songs to create smooth, natural transitions.

A seamless edit will flow by without notice and keep the focus where it should be – on the performance.